Air Plant Care Tips

Air Plant Care Tips

Air Plant Care Advice

Air Plants are beautiful plants and easy to care for provided you follow some simple guidelines.....

Position & Sunlight

Air Plants benefit from receiving a good amount of filtered sunlight each day so are best placed in a bright, well lit room. Try to avoid placing them directly over a radiator.

Watering Air Plants

Do not over water your plants!
We find the best method of watering is to fully submerge your air plant in a bowl of water for about 30 minutes once a week. 
Alternatively you can try misting your plants every few days. Do not re-mist until your plant is completely dry. Exact watering needs will depend on the plants surroundings and time of year.

Air Plant Maintenance

As your plants grow, leaves around the base of the plants may shrivel and dry up, this is normal.
To remove the dried leaves, you can simply pull the dead leaves away from the main plant. If the leaves do not pull away with ease, wait a few more days and try again.

Download our air plant care tips as a handy PDF document you can print.