Cactus Care Tips

Cactus Plant Care

Cacti are beautiful plants and easy to care for provided you follow some simple guidelines.....

Position & Sunlight

Cacti benefit from about 6 hours of sunlight per day so are best placed in a bright, well lit room. Placing them near a window and not directly over a radiator is ideal.


Do not over water your plants!
Cacti come from desert environments and really don’t like to be kept in constantly wet soil.
We have included a pipette with your Art of Succulents kit to assist you with watering.

When should I Water?

Water when the soil is completely dry. Add enough water to make the soil ‘damp’.
Do not water again until the soil is completely dry.

How much Water?

In the warmer months, watering every 2 weeks should be sufficient. Approximately 2 - 4 pipette fulls per plant should be about right. Note this does depend on the particular environment in which your terrarium sits so please use your judgement.

Cacti Growth

Spring and Summer Months
Cacti grow most during the warmer months, They will require more water during these months so check the soil weekly.
Winter Months
Cacti have a dormant period during the colder months and growth stalls, They will require far less water during this time, perhaps once every 4 weeks.

Download our cactus care tips as a handy PDF document that you can print.