Make your own terrarium kit

Already Own Something You'd Love To Turn into a Terrarium? Our Terrarium Starter Kits Are Just What You Need!!

We've had a lot of people requesting all the bits and bobs needed to make their own terrarium using a container they already have. We thought we'd help our customers out so have created a range of terrarium starter kits containing everything you need.

Our kits come with all of this;

  • Decorative Gravel.
  • Succulent & Cacti Compost.
  • Preserved Reindeer Moss.
  • Potting Containers.
  • Activated Charcoal.
  • A Watering Pipette.
  • Polished Decorative Pebbles.

We've got two sized kits available (small and large) and you can choose the ideal gravel and moss colour to suit you.

Remember, we've also got a range of plant packs, ideal to use with these terrarium kits.

Take a Look at Our Terrarium Starter Kits

Large Terrarium Starter Kit

Small Terrarium Starter Kit